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Dotz Touge Graphite individualisation through applying different coloured pin strips. In the box: Wheel without pin striping plus pin strips in yellow, orange, green and white, including adapter tool for self applying.

  • 7x16" Fitments available 4x100 et30, 38, 4x108 et25, 4x114.3 et40, 5x100 et35, 5x108 et43 5x110 et35, 5x112 et35, 50, 5x114.3 et40, 48.
  • 7x17" Fitments available 4x100 et38, 5x114 et40.
  • 8x17" Fitments available 5x108 et40, 5x112 et35, 48, 5x120 et35.
  • 8x18" Fitments available 5x100 et32, 5x108 et45, 5x110 et35, 5x112 et35, 5x112 et48, 5x114.3 et40, 5x114.3 et50, 5x120 et35.
  • 8x19" Fitments available 5x100 et35, 5x108 et45, 5x110 et40, 5x112 et35, 45, 5x114.3 et40, 50, 5x120 et35.

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