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SUV Tuning wheel expert DOTZ has rounded out its range of hot and extreme alloy wheels for the upcoming season The trendy wheel features a look that will get noticed . With its design philosophy focused on the need for speed, the DOTZ range is aimed at young and modern tuning enthusiasts!! FORD, BMW, AUDI, ROVER, MG, RENAULT, HONDA, VAUXHALL, VW, SEAT, + MAZDA, and lots more.

  • 7x15” Fitments available 5x114.3 et20, 5x139.7 et0, 6x139.7 et0.
  • 8x16” Fitments available 5x114.3 et25, 5x139.7 et0, 6x114.3 et20, 6x139.7 et0, 6x139.7 et20, 6x139.7 et35.
  • 8x17” Fitments available 5x127 et35, 6x114.3 et30.
  • 8.5x18” Fitments available 5x127 et35, 5x139.7 et0, 6x114.3 et30, 6x139.7 et0, 6x139.7 et20, 6x139.7 et35.

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