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DEZENT A. Combining Aesthetics and Nano tec World premiere: DEZENT is to launch the first wheel with a in Nano tec finish. Technical design, geometric order and clean visual lines are the aesthetic principles on which the new DEZENT A wheel, from the German wheel specialist of the same name DEZENT is based.

The DEZENT A has one sensational feature: Nano tec Brilliant silver, a completely new, sparkling silver finish straight from Nano technology. The topmost of the three finishing layers was developed so that water-based and oil-based liquids, such as dirt particles, simply run right off the surface. This puts an end to scrubbing, brushing and expensive wheel cleaners. This DEZENT wheel is easy to clean, facilitating dirt removal and keeping brake dust to a minimum. This water-repellent effect is created by modifying the clear finish using Nano technology.

This physical-chemical effect ensures that drops of water or any other substance simply bead and wash away. The Nano tec Brilliant silver finish loses none of its key properties: scratch resistant, resilient and heat resistant, all of these characteristics still contribute to the usual high-quality of AEZ wheels.

The balanced design of this five-spoked wheel gives all sporty models in the midsize and upper classes a special look. As with all DEZENT wheels, the DEZENT A is certified and meets all of the quality standards for original equipment wheels.

  • 5.5x14" Fitments available 4x114 et40.
  • 6.5x15" Fitments available 4x100 et38, 4x100 et45, 4x114.3 et40, 4x98 et38, 5x100 et38, 5x100 et38, 5x112 et38, 5x114.3 et40, 5x98 et38.
  • 7x16" Fitments available 4x100 et38, 4x114.3 et40, 4x98 et38, 5x100 et35, 5x108 et43, 5x108 et48, 5x110 et35, 5x112 et40, 5x112 et48, 5x112 et35, 5x114.3 et48, 5x114.3 et40, 5x98 et35.

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