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Like it's namesake Tacana erupt's onto the scene for the 2008 season. Available in a myriad of sizes and applications Tacana's precision polished face and anthracite background makes for a wheel explosion.

  • 6.5x15" Fitments available 4x98 et25.
  • 7x16" Fitments available 5x100 et35, 5x112 et35, 5x112 et40.
  • 7x17" Fitments available 5x108 et40.
  • 8x17" Fitments available 5x112 et48.
  • 8x18" Fitments available 4x100 et35, 4x108 et15, 4x98 et35, 5x100 et32, 5x100 et48, 5x108 et40, 5x108 et45, 5x110 et35, 5x112 et35, 5x112 et40, 5x112 et48, 5x114.3 et40, 5x114.3 et50, 5x120 et35, 5x98 et32.
  • 8x19" Fitments available 4x100 et35, 5x100 et35, 45, 5x108 et38, 45, 5x110 et28, 5x112 et35, 45, 5x114.3 et40, 50, 5x120 et35.

These are all supplied with the correct fitting kit.

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