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AEZ Quadro A New Era for Light Trucks Today, light trucks are an integrative part of many enterprises in the service and goods industry. A visually attractive truck makes an important statement about companies that recognize the importance of maintaining a positive image.

However, the choice is very limited. But now, a new alloy wheel, purpose-built for light trucks is entering the market. The AEZ Quadro is a powerful six-spoked wheel that was naturally designed to transport heavy loads and withstand tough conditions.

With its dynamic look, the AEZ Quadro gives even cumbersome-looking vehicles that sporty touch. The high-gloss finish creates a noticeably elegant appearance. The AEZ Quadro with its dynamic outlook is a figurehead for every truck. As a matter of course it is T V-certified and fits the most popular brands of transport vehicles. Size: 6.5x16 inches

  • 6.5x16" Fitments available 5x112 et42, 5x118 et40, 5x120 et42, 5x130 et59, 6x130 et60.

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