Alloy Wheel Care

Customer care notes

Kent Alloys would like to congratulate you on your new wheel purchase. To maximise your driving pleasure please take a moment to fully read these simple care rules.

In the first instance:

If you have purchased a set of wheels with new tyres please allow the tyres 150-200 miles to ‘bed in’ and start to offer maximum grip and performance. If you have purchased locking wheel bolts/nuts please keep the key code in a safe place in the event of you losing the key itself. Although there are ways of removing locking fasteners without the key the risk of damage to the wheel, the hub or both is extremely high and invariably costly.

General care note:

To care for your new wheels you do not need expensive, aggressive chemical wheel cleaners, simply put a small squirt of normal household washing up liquid (NOT surface cleaner as these are often acid based) into some warm water and wash your wheels down EVERY WEEK. If you allow brake dust and grime to build up on your wheels it WILL damage the finish. To remove heavy build-ups of brake dust normally requires very aggressive acid based cleaners and these will not only remove the brake dust and grime BUT will also remove and eat into the finish of your wheels. If there are any small chips in the finish, such as stone chips, using such acid based cleaners will eat into the alloy under the paint coat resulting in the paint peeling from the wheel. We strongly recommend NOT using mechanical car washes as some will use acid based chemicals as part of their cycle and more importantly the brushes can be extremely abrasive and can damage the finish of your wheels. Remember, take 5 minutes every week to wash your wheels down and they will give thousands of miles of driving pleasure but take heed, they are YOUR wheels and only YOU can give them the attention they need.

Large diameter wheels:

If you have purchased a set of wheels and tyres that are of a larger diameter, i.e.: you have purchased a set of 17” wheels when your car was originally on say 14” wheels as standard, please allow yourself time to adjust to the new handling characteristics of your car. When driving on larger diameter wheels extreme care must be taken with hazards on the road such as potholes, speed humps, kerbs and any other road debris. Modern 35>50 series tyres offer very little ‘cushion’ in the case of a collision and with the diminished protection of the tyre ‘cushion’ there is an increase chance of damaging the wheel when driving on adverse road surfaces.

Winter care:

In principle you can use your aftermarket wheels all year round, provided YOU look after them, but it’s always preferable to use the original steel wheels over the worse of the winter if they’re still available. The salt that is used on the roads in icy or snowy conditions is extremely corrosive so it is strongly advised that you wash your wheels down after every journey when there are high levels of salt on the roads. If your wheels have a ‘polished’ rim section or are of a Hi-Gloss or Hyper finish it is always recommended that these are thoroughly cleaned and stored carefully in a dry place over the worse of the winter months whilst the standard wheels are used.

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