Finichi Alloy Wheels

The Finichi brand has been developed with an Italian lifestyle brand theme. Finichi alloy wheels reflect the lifestyle and feel of Italy and Italian design. Italian designers have been responsible for the design of many of the worlds most desirable cars like Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborgini, Maserati etc, and it seemed fitting to develop an Italian alloy wheel range to recognise the massive contribution Italy has made to automotive design. Fashion and style in Italy come with desirability and passion. The Finichi range of alloy wheels are cutting edge Italian designs from 17" to 22" with a wide range of fitments to suit most cars.

Each Finichi wheel is named after one of Italy's favourite cities, creating a further Italian bond for the brand. There is a short paragraph for each city to give a feel for the wheel name. The Finichi range is without doubt the most exciting brand to be launched by Performance Wheels Limited, we are passionate about design with a committment to providing the best designs available, and we commend Finichi to you.


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